Thursday, April 30, 2009


One thing I have from my childhood is my 18" Miss Revlon Doll which came to me on Christmas Day of 1959.  Not having many toys, as I was one of ten children, I cherished this beautiful present,  and immediately named her Madeline, no doubt influenced by the popular  story of that day. This so happens to be the name of my youngest grandchild as pictured next to the latex version. 
In the bl & wht photo, I am eleven yrs old, standing near my bed the brandnew Madeline sits on.  Other photo is a close idea of  how her original dress of navy organdy and black high heels looked which are now forever lost.
 Poor ol' gal needs a makeover.  I keep her unruly hair in an upsweep. Her nails need a fresh coat of polish.  The ink stains are there to stay. An unfortunate result of bad-lad nephew getting ahold of her once.  Adding insult to injury, his bad-doggie also got ahold of her and chewed her toes. 

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  1. happy birthday madeline!

    mom- there are doll restoration places, would you ever be interested in that? it could be a birthday present from us if you wanted...