Sunday, May 31, 2009


painted over 20 yrs ago, of my mom,[shortest one] and 3 of my aunts (all passed away now,[sniff!]) No makeup or jewelry, plainjanes in their homade dresses & aprons; all raised on farms. 
I used a primitive style to invoke old-timey feeling of Sundays back in the late 50's, when I was still a schoolgirl. The time is about 1:30 or 2 o'clock, well after the last Mass is over. Sunday dinner is in the making as these wonderful cooks create aromas of some of our favorite recipes. A couple of us (5-daughters) Mueller girls (and 5 brothers make 10 kids total) take part in the preparation, following up with cake batter & icing bowls for the little ones to lick clean.

Long Way From Home

An enhanced scan of an old faded snapshot of a Oil painting I did some 40 years ago [large, approx. 24" x 36"] Thus the reason for the incredibly grainy appearance.

This was one of those works that I grew disallusioned with (got sick of, in short: I hated it!) so, I gessoed it over, and did a totally different painting on top.

After bringing up some lost details with Iphoto, I am amazed at the thing; and glad to have a record of it!

Monday, May 25, 2009


  1. Not remembering exactly what era of my life this was purchased,

  2.                    I gather it must have been during my art training.       This goes back to my high school days  (the sixties) during which I took a correspondance   course with  Art Instruction Schools.           Some of you may know of or remember their small black & white magazine ads boldly titled 'DRAW ME'.        I more than likely bought it to do my lesson-work with my babysitting savings [going rate of that day was .50 an hr.]        Nevertheless, it has a generous adjustable tilt level which I find desirous since I usually prop up what I am working on anyhow. Or, at times, my regular easel sits a bit too vertically.    One nice feature:  it can be set almost as level as a regular table.  This is good for applying varnish or a watery wash which you don't want dripping down.  

This drawing table ( along with my doll, Madeline :)! )  has survived many, many moves and situations.