Sunday, November 4, 2012


"My Reflections"
The media used 
this time was: gessoes, [both black & white] pastels, colored pencil,  acrylic paints, polymer sealers [matte & gloss]..done on recycled plywood, 10 x18".
As reference a photo I took of my sister was used; though more impressionistic than a portrait, I was striving for more a dreamy, emotive  kind of effect. 
Initial stages = watery applications of the gessoes  dried overnite. 

drying glazes near infared heater

Pastels & acrylic paint next day, using  fingercots, dabbing at the cosmic pattern & background.
Additional wet glazes set near my infared heater quickened drying time.

More info on the sectioned paintbox in my post of 7/29/12.  The comb brush is great for hair strokes; as well in landscapes, etc.
finger-painting IS fun
Royal 1/2" filbert comb brush