Wednesday, April 13, 2011


 In this case, 3D dragons.. these happen to be cast of pewter.  1.  My initial step was to basecoat with a flat grey primer spray; 2 or 3 light coats.  3.  Nextly, using tube acrylics, mix up whichever dragon color you have chosen, be it green, blue or red, proceed to paint entirely.  4.  Drybrush underbody with a much lighter shade of chosen color. Allow undercolor to appear in crevices. (if red = a soft yellow sets it off)  5.  Paint top areas in a black or darkest shade of desired color, blending at edges. Inside mouth and on tongue a bright red. The eyes originally were rhinestones which I painted over for more realism, any crystals or jewels hold off until entirely done with painting and all final spray coats of gloss or satin lacquer.  The tongue and eyes get their shine from 5minute epoxy deftly applied after final spray.