Wednesday, November 18, 2009



  ~  pencil, pastels, acrylics on board  ~  Titled:  "Dad's Things"  1970. 
         [more about him in next post: "Captain" Leo]

Pictured are some belongings of my father  [Leo Mueller]  rendered by me some ten years after his death.  My collection of this memorabilia provided subject matter for a still-life which I set up right in the very room he finished in knotty pine, as seen in background.  An heirloom octagonal table seemed appropriate to hold most of the items. Handcrafted by him in wood was the chessboard and ship. the chess pieces [some broken by one of us 10 kids] were cast by him in resin. Above the Indian axehead is a siren from WW2. In front of his rifle is an old magnifying glass in leather slideout case. Behind curtain is antique Argus in leather case, and a trophy he won sailboat racing. Lastly, his boat whistle next to what was left of his telescope. [so many kids, you know..!]