Wednesday, August 31, 2011


"Dennis" in pastels

Dennis always a child, loved little kids, until they maybe teased him too much; including us-his siblings. After Dad died, there was 10 of us kids, 3 of which were in the Navy; regardless, Mom had her hands full. Dennis, we were told, was mentally retarded resulting from brain damage from a high fever in infancy. 
Looking through Mom's magazines, he would find a photo of a child and smile and happily stroke the face for hours, so much, the paper would begin to fray.  
Many people could not always understand his stammering jabbering, but we of his family knew what he was saying. One of his favorite sayings was: "I'm w-working t-too hard! I'm t-too-too busy all the time!"
It amazed me when he learned to print his name and that he always knew what day it was.   And when I held up a crucifix asking who was on it, he simply answered, "God". No question about the deity of Christ here. 
Denny had an awkward gate, quite often walking on his toes.  Outside he was compulsed to pick up or kick away any stones, twigs, trash in his path. 
Every Saturday was clean the house-time. Denny would sweep out his bedroom, leaving the dirt in the hallway next to the wastebasket.  
Once I happen to go in there looking for something; when I looked under the bed I was astonished.  Way back beneath the bed against the wall was maybe ten or so round boxes from oatmeal & such filled with various things. Each one had a different variety of objects he scavenged from the street edge or the waterfront (we lived on Lake St Clair; debris occasionally washed up onshore).  It was his private collection of stuff he had saved & neatly sorted according to shape, material & size, etc.  I discovered my brother had a sense of order, neatness & cleanness.
When Mom died, Dennis went to live in a small group home in Genoa OH.  After a number of years he died from complications due to congestive heart failure. 

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Last month an old friend came across some of my artwork that I had mailed to her some 25 yrs ago.  Once they were scanned & emailed to me, I was amazed; since I do not remember sending or even painting them!
 No doubt I was probably inspired by the publication Arizona Highways, usually had a copy nearby in my studio.  I recognize the medium used as tempura, on opaque type of water based paint. They are small, done on paper.
These 3 of the 8 sent go well together; also inspire me to continue further with similar content of the Southwest.
Still surprised & amazed!  Thanks, Carolyn

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Every so often I have to paint/draw my skull.

 cowskull, that is!  Acrylic ~ on gessoed

board.  11 x 14 

Skull is thinly applied washes over pencil 

drawing. "Turquoise" is thick epoxy blobbed

over painted gem detail of necklace. 

Background looser manner with mottled look

 of minerals.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


 In this case, 3D dragons.. these happen to be cast of pewter.  1.  My initial step was to basecoat with a flat grey primer spray; 2 or 3 light coats.  3.  Nextly, using tube acrylics, mix up whichever dragon color you have chosen, be it green, blue or red, proceed to paint entirely.  4.  Drybrush underbody with a much lighter shade of chosen color. Allow undercolor to appear in crevices. (if red = a soft yellow sets it off)  5.  Paint top areas in a black or darkest shade of desired color, blending at edges. Inside mouth and on tongue a bright red. The eyes originally were rhinestones which I painted over for more realism, any crystals or jewels hold off until entirely done with painting and all final spray coats of gloss or satin lacquer.  The tongue and eyes get their shine from 5minute epoxy deftly applied after final spray.   

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Tropical World - Oil by Karen Roncari
painted edge box canvas,  Tropical World

ARTistically speaking, whether you paint from a live model, a still life setup or on site (plein-air); these methods seem to be aesthetically superior to working from photographs.  However, there happens that certain photo of a subject or composition that inspires us that we simply must use as our "model".  There are numerous painters who have files of various reference materials, I for one.
magazine photo

A good point to keep in mind is to not slavishly copy it.  Determine what feature attracted you to the image, enhancing it to Your pictorial advantage. You can brighten the colors, as I did here, tone them down or even change them.  I took liberty with the background, made birdie more upright & showed more tail feather.   Everyone who draws or paints has the ability to render in their own style, media, colors, size, the list is endless, besides: being Creative makes Art more FUN!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I had a sketchy idea
    of the composition, so quickly blocked it in using a bit of  negative painting.  Although totally enamored with the lillies, the 2 canvases had to be tied together with something less dramatic, while giving the bottom weight and enhancing their delicate beauty.    Patterned cloth, with contrasting colors of those in background and flowers provided the necessary anchor.
When painting wraparound canvas, one must keep the painting going over the edges; so as details progressed, they happened on the sides as well.  

  This particular project has given me unparalleled satisfaction and I had Fun every minute of it.                     

Sunday, March 6, 2011


 I have been working on this post over a month...(just not good with words) 
I just did this pastel of a dream I had 37 years ago.  Not many details except that people wearing white are floating upwards to Heaven.  The startling thing about this dream was the realization that I was merely watching the people and 
NOT among  them!!
At that time during my unregenerated life I was presented with the message of the Gospel and simple plan of Salvation. I also learned of how Jesus Christ alone can save us; not merely through good works or because of any particular religion. 
"Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to His mercy He saved us"..Titus3:5 

And finally..."we who are still alive and are left will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air." 1Thess 4:17