Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Tropical World - Oil by Karen Roncari
painted edge box canvas,  Tropical World

ARTistically speaking, whether you paint from a live model, a still life setup or on site (plein-air); these methods seem to be aesthetically superior to working from photographs.  However, there happens that certain photo of a subject or composition that inspires us that we simply must use as our "model".  There are numerous painters who have files of various reference materials, I for one.
magazine photo

A good point to keep in mind is to not slavishly copy it.  Determine what feature attracted you to the image, enhancing it to Your pictorial advantage. You can brighten the colors, as I did here, tone them down or even change them.  I took liberty with the background, made birdie more upright & showed more tail feather.   Everyone who draws or paints has the ability to render in their own style, media, colors, size, the list is endless, besides: being Creative makes Art more FUN!!

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