Monday, May 25, 2009


  1. Not remembering exactly what era of my life this was purchased,

  2.                    I gather it must have been during my art training.       This goes back to my high school days  (the sixties) during which I took a correspondance   course with  Art Instruction Schools.           Some of you may know of or remember their small black & white magazine ads boldly titled 'DRAW ME'.        I more than likely bought it to do my lesson-work with my babysitting savings [going rate of that day was .50 an hr.]        Nevertheless, it has a generous adjustable tilt level which I find desirous since I usually prop up what I am working on anyhow. Or, at times, my regular easel sits a bit too vertically.    One nice feature:  it can be set almost as level as a regular table.  This is good for applying varnish or a watery wash which you don't want dripping down.  

This drawing table ( along with my doll, Madeline :)! )  has survived many, many moves and situations.   

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