Saturday, April 4, 2009


A sighting had occurred in our area  Nov. 1999 (Cadillac, MI). Five yellowish white saucer shapes silently trekking above the freshfallen snow is how 3 members of our family witnessed it in the sky that evening. (I was not one of them[sniff!])   It was also seen by others in nearby counties and was documented in the Cadillac Evening News. "Meteors provide light show in local skies".  My daughter, Julie, one of the witnesses did a simple painting of it while the image was yet fresh in her memory.
The 9 x 12 canvas board got shuffled around the house for a couple years til one day I dusted it off & added more detail,  reworking the trees and shading, etc. Thus it is signed, "Karen*Julie".  On the backside, I glued the news article, now yellowed with nearly 10 yrs of age. 

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  1. Very nice oil, I even faved this one into my UFOs collection on Deviant Art. Thanks for sharing this and the story behind it too :D