Wednesday, March 3, 2010


It's one thing to buy a painting you like; and quite another to know how to integrate works of art into your personal space otherwise known as your home.   Personal home decorating is something we all do; and there are endless ways to attractively display your collection as opposed to simply hanging it over the couch.

A current decorator trend:
Stack-leaning against the wall
on a high shelf or mantle with
 coordinating or enhancing 3D
accessories [props] as
pictured here.

Conventionally hung on wall
in a grouping with similar
subject matter or colors is
undeniably a successful choice.

Finally, letting your imagination run
wild  together with your favorite 3D
 objects allows the art to
be a focal point of the room, which
can be such fun.

p.s. photos taken in my daughters' 
homes; decorating credits go to them.

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