Saturday, January 30, 2010


It was no coincidence that the property our family moved to was lake frontage back in 1952.  [ I was about 6] Our house on Jefferson Ave was situated on Lake St Clair in St Clair Shores, MI. 
My dad, Leo Mueller, was by instinct a boater in many degrees.. he sailed, motor boated, ice-boated, raced, even winning a couple trophy cups.  He made boats in his garage & at his job.  I remember him layering itchy fiberglass and potent-smelling resin on the bottoms of overturned boats to make them waterproof. 
Years after he died [at age 49 in 1961], I used this method to mend holes in our leaky rowboat.  Dad wore a nautical cap most of the time.  He had a white one and a navy one, as in this photo tinted by me during my photocolorist days. [mid 70's]  You will notice the resemblance in my ID photo.  


  1. What cool pictures mom. I wish I couldv'e met him.

  2. I enjoyed the old photos of your father. And the story of his passion for boating. my favorite painting is dad's thing. Thank You for sharing Fran