Thursday, March 25, 2010


...that is the Question.  I have longed to use gilt for quite awhile in my paintings,  probably after studying Klimt's work.  Before I even began on this picture, I planned to gold leaf the halo parts. 

The outer circle was formed by adding a semi-dry string of Tacky Glue onto which I carefully pressed pieces of the delicate leaf.  I had to exercise extreme self control while working with this near-weightless material;  the slightest exhaling just from normal breathing propels the stuff like you would not believe. 
Never having done this before, I was somewhat nervous about this 'new' to me procedure; yet fascinated at the same time.  This one of Jesus is titled:  "I Will Never Leave You".  Another icon I have, "Heavenly Peace" of baby Jesus & mother Mary,  is getting a similar treatment; both of which I will show in a later post once finished.

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