Saturday, July 4, 2009

Monday Nights at the GALLERY

1969. East Detroit & Grosse Point Woods [MI] area. I was 21 years young and met weekly to paint with a group of artists in an area known as "The Block". The others were all well older than myself and some of them art instructors.

Most of the time, there was a hired model, either male or female, sitting or reclining, dressed or not dressed. When there was no one to pose, we took turns being model for 1/2 hour each, however not in the nude!

The sketches shown range from charcoal to pastels are from those days.

More on this topic in my Sketchbook Memoirs post. Stay tuned for a future one: Halloween Night at the Gallery~!

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  1. It's 1967 in western NY (State), the summer that Detroit burned. I'm pushing a lawnmower around my neighbors giant yard, a transistor radio plastered to my ear, listening to CKLW playing the Amboy Dukes doing Journey to the Center of My Mind. Wasn't it fun to be young?